May 15, 2017

Ground Segment

The ground segment comprised 3 components:

A Command/Control ground segment, MIGS (Microsatellite Ground Segment), itself comprising at least 4 components for the operational phase:

  • A common multi-mission Command and Control Center (CCC) used for Demeter and Parasol. This component included a nominal centre and a test centre.
  • Two 2 GHz Receiver Stations (TTCET, Telemetry and Telecommand Earth Terminal).
  • An 8 GHz Receiver Station (TETX, X-band Telemetry Earth Terminal)
  • A Data Communication Network (DCN)

A Science Mission Centre, in charge of preparing instrument controls, the optimising these instruments, as well as processing, storing and transmitting scientific data.

A Technological Mission Centre, to process data from the technological payload.